You Won’t Believe The 12 Reasons Scientists Found Dog Owners Are Better People

You and I both know that dogs are better than cats. From the way they are always happy to see you to how they know how to comfort you when you’re sad. I mean, come on it’s basically a scientific fact that dogs beat cats every time.

So if dogs are better than cats…what does that mean about their owners? Are dog owners better than cat owners? Well, the research is in and the answer is…

An absolute YES!

So why exactly are dog owners better and happier than cat owners? Well, we’ve got 12 reasons for you backed up with research that will have you begging for a dog or wishing you could go home to play with yours right this second!

12. They Can Detect Cancer

That’s right! One study found that some dogs can naturally sniff out cancer. If they aren’t inherently able to, research found that a dog could be trained within about 3 hours to detect cancer early on just by its smell.

11. They’re smart

Research shows that dog owners are 28% more likely to be students. Instead of being lazy know it alls that are busy sitting on the couch and only show you love when they feel like it. Dog owners are busy improving themselves.

10. They Can Always Find An Answer For You

Scientists found that dog owners are 23% more likely to be iPhone users. So anytime you have a question, ask your dog owning friend to whip out his iPhone and find you an answer.

9. They Can Take A Chill Pill

Research found that in general dog owners are less stressed than their cat-owning counterparts. That’s right cat owners, you may be all sassy, but that’s cool we aren’t gonna stress about it.

8. They’ll Love Ya When You Need It Most

Dog owners are typically more nurturing. They know when you need a hug and will be happy to give it to you. Even if you have decided you are their sworn enemy.

7. They Love Children

Dog owners love the kiddoes. (Probably because they’re not self-absorbed *cough* cats) Being nurturing and taking care of their pack is such a part of their personality that research found that they’re 24% more likely to have kids. Give it enough time and all those cat owners will be outnumbered by the much better dog-owner.

6. They Got Your Back!

Dog owners are naturally more supportive. Scientists found that dog owners like to be a part of a pack, they are better team players and are more likely to work well in a team environment.

5. They Can Take a Joke

laughing dog

Dog owners love to laugh. They’re 30% more likely to enjoy slapstick humor and impressions. They want to enjoy life and a major part of that is laughing at the small stuff and having a good time. I.e. not brooding and trying to take over the world.

4. They’re Responsible

Team Players that are also responsible? Now that sounds like a winning combination! Dog Owners are 28% more likely to own their own home. Want a sassy, moody, and unreliable person? Go Get a Cat. Want someone who can pay the bills and take care of his pack? Get a Dog!

3. They Know People

Not only are they happier and more able to laugh, but they’re also more personable. Research found that they are 11% more likely to know their neighbors by name. When was the last time you said “Hi” to your neighbors?

2. They’re Super Fun!

Researches found that they’re 15% more likely to be extroverts. Fun at parties, willing to say hi and talk to you. Dog owners want to make friends and be a good friend.

1. They’re Accepting

Research found that 70% of dog owners would allow a cat to live in their house while 68% of cat owners said there’s no way a dog could live in their house, even if they had adequate space and accommodations. Meaning that dog owners are willing to help other animals and love others. For a cat owner you have to fit a certain mold and criteria in order to earn their love.

So there you have it – there is scientific research that proves that dog owners are fun loving, out-goining, smart individuals that love their fellow man and are responsible enough and willing to help others even if it is not convenient for them. There friendship is undying, they are loyal, and they want what is best for you. They want to be the best friend that they can be and are there to support and love you in your best and worst times.

Dogs & Their Owners Make the World A Better Place