12 Bizarre Things I Didn’t Know About Sex

Sex does strange things to your brain. At the surface level, sex should be one of the easiest acts to perform in the work – make love and lay around for the next half hour talking intimately. But that’s not reality. Deep down we have weird sexual attractions and complicated things going on. Our minds have bizarre thoughts and our subconscious is not on the same wave length.

Anyone who spends time on the internet realizes there is some wacky sex quizzes, embarrassing questions asked in forums under anonymous names, and pictures that pop up into the side bars one the weather forecast website.

It’s hard to escape sex. Our society lives and breathes in the heat of the moment and physical attraction is the bud of many relationships. So what is so unusual about sex?

There’s literally hundreds of strange facts about sex on the internet. Some so bizarre that you wonder if they are really true. While you might be better off doing the Dr. Oz underwear test, I came up with my own list of ten things that I thought were strange sex facts.

12. Undressing Someone Mentally Is Real


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Believe it or not the technical term for this is Gymnophoria or Apdyopsis. This goes beyond imagining the audience in naked or in their underwear. Undressing someone in your mind poses risks on so many levels however.

The next time you are at a party try doing this while you are talking to a woman and see what happens. Don’t be alarmed if you end up disappointed. As you are undressing her she will likely never know that you are ripping her clothes off in your mind. She’ll likely walk away bored because you are not talking to her. Have some respect guys.

11. Frequent Sex Can Boost Your Immune System


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Having sex a couple times a week gives your immune system a slight boost. You will be healthier and will use less sick days and your relationship will be better because of the happy endorphins you are releasing out of captivity. Make it happen!

10. Female Ferrets Die If Sex Deprived


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Oddly enough, if a female ferret goes for more than 12 months without sex she has a higher risk of dying. I cannot say the same would be true for a human female but perhaps a man.

9. Anti-Aging Semen Skin Cream


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Sperm can be considered an anti-aging treatment, as it has a tightening effect on skin.

If you knew that the secret of removing wrinkles and lines was found in sperm, would you be able to do it? Sperm is filled with a lot of vitamins and nutrients that will revitalize the skin. At least enough to make your skin feel soft and silky when applied. While this may sound uninviting, it may very well be the secret ingredient in Revitol.

8. Shaving Increases Risk of STI’s


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Shaving your pubic area increases your chances of spreading an STI (sexually transmitted infections aka STDs)

Chances are your shaving your bikini line if you don’t get a brazilin wax. Besides skin irritation, dry skin, and possible eczema caused by shaving your pubic hair, you are also putting you and your partner at risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections (formerly known as STDs).

7. Why You Lose Your Breath During Sex


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During sexual intercourse, in addition to the genitals and breasts, the inner nose also swells.

Sometimes you lose your breath because you are in the heat of the moment but research shows that some people get stuffy noses during sex. The tissue around your sinuses become inflamed along with your genitals and breasts. This inflammation can make it difficult for you to breath.

6. Sex Cures Headaches


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Sex is a great way to relieve tension and stress. Because many tension headaches are stress related, having sex with a headache may just be the cure you need to relax. Try it before you knock it.

5. Sex Cures Nose Congestion


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Your nose and sinus cavity is very similar to erectile tissue. When the vessels began to constrict your genitals and nose can also swell causing nasal congestion. If you suffer from allergies or have a sinus infection, having sex can be better than taking Robitussin.

4. More Hair = More Pleasure


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Pubic hair is intended to increase your sexual pleasure

God made our bodies with hair for a reason. There are many ways for a woman to learn to love her body other than by shaving her pubic hair. It can make oral sex easier and give you more appreciation for your body but the debate is out whether or not pubic hair gives you more pleasure.

The theory of this pleasure is that the hair can rub against the clitoris and be more stimulating. This may be one of those trial and errors for every couple.

3. Making Love Gives You Healthier Hair and Skin


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Now that you know sperm will help you stop aging, you should also know that sex can give you shinier hair and skin that glows. How? Having sex makes your body produce extra estrogen. This increased hormone helps with better skin elasticity and healthier hair.

2. Fat Men Last Longer In Bed


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Skinny people belong in ads, fat men belong in bed. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Large people get enough abuse. Turkish researchers conducted a study that revealed fat men could last over 7 minutes while the skinny dude could barely make 2 minutes (average male ejaculation is 3 minutes).

1. What Happens After Sex


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According to Retrevo.com, 36% of people under 35 get on Facebook or Twitter after sex. If that is you and you’re reading this shut your phone or computer off and go back to being with your lover. You’ll last longer.