The 11 Most Racist Crimes That Were Never Reported. No Words for #3

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Michael Brown – black male, 18 years old, shot and killed. Treyvon Martin – black male, 17 years old, shot and killed. President Obama spoke on both occasions expressing his condolences to the families and using the full resources of the Department of Justice to find answers.

The Nation cries out that the system is broken and racism is rampant. Rev. Al Sharpton claims that Whites are Killing Blacks over and over, and the main stream media is gobbling it up.

Why hasn’t the media covered these heinous racist crimes…

11. Kill The Next One You See

Four black men started a game where they would kill the first white person they saw. That unlucky soul was a college student from Boston.

He was stabbed to death. [1]

10. 10 For 10


North Carolina
A precious 10 year old girl was lured into an empty house by four black teenagers. She was then sodomized, strangled with a cable wire. Ultimately the men chose to beat her to death with a board.

No national media coverage. No heart felt condolences by the president. [2]

9. Immigrants Are Harmless

Kansas City, Missouri
A black Ethiopian immigrant to the wonderful United States of America decided he didn’t like working. His white coworkers annoyed him.

His solution? Take a gun to his work, and shoot the two white coworkers dead. [3]

8. When a Hate Crime, Isn’t?

New York City, New York

A young white woman was attacked at her Midtown office building. Her black male assailant, savagely attacked her, raped her, and then finally anally raped her while calling her racist names.

NYPD refused to label it a hate crime. [4]

7. Too Trusting

Alexandria, Virginia

A beautiful, young, and white 8 year old boy was innocently playing in his great-grandparents’ front yard. A black man with a history of beating whites with hammers was walking through the neighborhood.

Striking at the opportunity of this precious little child. He walks over and without hesitation, slits the little boys throat while yelling hateful racist remarks.

The Department of Justice refused to label it a hate crime and the National Media refused to cover the story.[5]

6. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Three black men had a racial fight earlier in the night. After a night of stewing, they decided to get revenge on a random white man. The random gentleman had nothing to do with the earlier incident, but that didn’t matter.

The gang savagely beat him up to the point of death. They then let him get up and try to run away.

There view of justice was to chase the white man into a lake and drown him.

The three black racists were sentenced with less than a year of jail.[6]

6. Watch Your Mirrors

Cleveland, Ohio

A black man on a moped accidentally bumped into a truck. His mistake caused him to fall, but fortunately he was not injured.

The innocent white man driving the truck however was yanked from his driver’s seat and savagely beaten. One of the 40 black attackers stole his truck and ran over him until his body was mangled.

The crowd cheered at the blameless man’s death.[7]

5. Even the Mentally Handicapped Aren’t Safe

Jacksonville, Florida

A black gang agreed to beat to death the next white person they saw. That white person unfortunately, was an aged 50 year old mentally disabled man.

Regardless of his age or mental state, the black gang brutally beat until he lay on the ground. They then continued to stomp him into unconsciousness.

He died from the brutal attack.[8]

4. Let Me Express Myself!


A black man was arrested for expressing his feelings. What feelings? Feelings of deep-rooted hatred for white people.

Is it a crime to have feelings? Nope! But this man expressed his feelings by taking a shot gun and blowing to pieces seven innocent, random white people.

He just couldn’t help himself.[9]

3. Bleach Those Stains

North Carolina

7 black kidnappers admitted to abducting an innocent white woman for racial reasons. Before being captured they wanted to have some fun.

How? First all seven attackers raped her. Then she was thrown in a tub and had bleach poured over her. As if her skin burning off was not torture enough, they decided to slowly shoot her five times.

Imagine if that was your daughter and the media refused to talk about it.[10]

2. Modern Day Crusade

Miami, Florida

Yahweh ben Yahweh the leader of a Black cult was a busy man. He killed countless white men, women, and children through any grotesque means necessary.

To prove their death would decapitate them, keeping their heads as a prize, or if that was inconvenient – sever another body part that was easier to transport.

He eventually recruited other black racists to kill for him in an effort to rid Miami and the world of “White Devils”.

After being charged with 14 murders, he ultimately received less than 10 years in prison for conspiracy. That’s justice for the families that were beheaded, burned alive, and tortured because of their skin color.

Oh – And for all his good work – Florida Made October 7 Yahweh ben Yahweh Day.[11]

1. Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Your Town, USA

You should. You know why? Because 80% of all violent crimes involve an attacker and victim of the same race.

Of the remaining 20% – 15% involve black offenders and white victims. The mass media’s agenda of constant white on black oppression is a lie.

Yeah, the numbers prove that a black man is 1.6 times more likely to attack a white man than the reverse.

The bigger message here is to not believe what the media is forcing down our throats. Is there ever any good reached by giving nationwide attention to one type of hate crime while another is swept under the rug?

No! The politicians, civil right groups, and media want to keep you ignorant. Don’t buy into it.

Love your fellow man, turn off the TV garbage, and realize that we are all Humans – who cares about the color of our skin.

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