10 Ways to De-Stress Today, Naturally

How do you know that you are stressed? For many people it’s the feeling of queasiness, and a slight increase in heart rate to notify them that they are overwhelmed or anxious. Its possible that a bad news or a talk with your boss can give you stress hormones which can relatively give rise to your blood pressure.

When you are stressed, there is an increased amount of cortisol production in your body enabling you to do a “flight and fight response”. This result in increased heart rate which makes you require more oxygen and blood vessels constrict. Before the civilization world, this “fight or flight” response, help you escape dangerous situations and predators. Human situation has changed now.

Human bodies can’t tell if a traffic jam or a grizzly bear is making them trigger the stress hormones. Instead of helping your body escape, it contributes to headaches, hypertension, anxiety disorders and depression.

Stress can also worsen other conditions such as insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and asthma. Good news is your body has relaxation responses which enable you to breathe slowly and inevitably decrease your blood pressure.

Here are 10 ways to trigger the “relaxation response” in your body:

  1. 10 Minute Walk

Any 10 minute walk will do to help boost endorphins and clear your head. It is advisable to walk in green spaces or park to help put your body in a meditation state. You want to achieve involuntary attention wherein even if an event holds your attention, it still allows you to reflect.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Breathing is important. It nourishes your body and it is the foundation of life. Breathing exercises can make your whole body relaxed. Breathing deeply can relieve stress and reduce tension thanks to the extra oxygen. Your nervous system is triggered when you do shallow breathing as oppose to deep breathing.

  1. Visualize

To reach the center, a short visualization is required. The National Institute for Health even knows that a “guided imagery” is key to release a relaxation response.

Make yourself comfortable and picture yourself in a peaceful scene. It can be your favorite beach, a vacation with your family or just simply doing the things that you love. You can even visualize that you are reaching a momentous goal. Picture yourself happy and contented and you will soon reach a relaxed feeling.

  1. Mindfully Eat a Snack

Stress eating is not all bad. There is a big connection between the brain and gut. A study supports that a gut is a big mediator when it comes to stress response. Satiate your hunger by eating an avocado, nuts and hardboiled egg. These foods will give you the nourishment that you need to fight off stress. Sit in a place that is peaceful and eat your snack in a place away from your workstation. Focus on what you feel when you eat the food. How it makes you feel and how it tastes.

  1. Purchase a Plant

Houseplants are not just your average air purifiers. They are proven to help calm you down. A research in One Washington State University did a study wherein they compared people who were stressed out and entered a room that has a lot of plants in it and those who didn’t. Those who saw the plants dropped 4 points and those who didn’t only dropped 2 points in their blood pressure.

  1. Step Out from the Screen

People who are always on the computer has a significant amount of stress, depression and lost a lot of sleep in women. People who use the computer late at night also have high stress levels in both genders. To address the situation, make frequent breaks and go offline an hour before going to bed.

  1. Kiss

Kissing enables you to relax because of the endorphins released by your brain. In a study by Northwestern University, those people who only kiss when having sex are more likely to feel depressed and stressed.

  1. Play Some Music

Classical music which has a soothing effect lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and decreases your stress hormone levels. If you are not a fan of classical music, you can still feel relaxed with any music that you like. Your brain will release dopamine which is a feel good neurochemical.

For those people who are in stressful events, reports say that music can relax you from everyday anxiety. For people who do not have headphones on hand, they can make their own music or just hum it. Nursing students find that music making relieves them from burnout and stress.

  1. Eat Something Sweet

Drinking and eating a sweet treat is soothing because of glucocorticoid, stress hormone production. Now that you know this, you still do not have an excuse to unleash emotional eating on all the sweet treats that you see. A small candy such as peppermint or Hershey’s kisses will do.

  1. Plug In

Not everything that you see on the screen is harmful. There is some stress management applications that will help you meditate, boost emotional well being and decrease stress levels.

There are a lot of things that you can do when you specifically feel stress out. Go out and do things that you love. Sooner or later, you will realize that everything will fall into its rightful place if you just calm yourself down and focus on the problem at hand now.


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