10 Unique Places to Stay on Airbnb – No. 7 is Insane!

Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has served thousands of travelers, providing accommodation worldwide by linking up house-owners with short-term renters and an alternative to hotels and hostels for vacation seekers.

Staying in an Airbnb rental is often cheaper than staying in a hotel, but that’s not the main draw – the website also boasts the widest range of holiday rentals available online, listing everything from treehouses to luxury tents.

So forget boring holiday villas and soulless hotel rooms and instead consider checking into one of these unique accommodations, all bookable via Airbnb:

10: A Scottish Castle

Ever dreamed about living like a king or queen? Living out your days in your very own castle? You dream may be easier than you think, as you can rent out this entire 12th century castle in Fife, Scotland

The fully refurbished and modernised Dairsie Castle sleeps 12 over 6 plushly decorated bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, and is set in 6 acres of grounds including a herb garden and orchard.

9. A Gypsy Caravan in Cornwall, England

This traditional Romany caravan is small – there’s only just enough room for a bed and a wood burning stove – but if you’re after quaint and cozy, this could be just the place for you. Not the best choice for taller guests though – the listing notes that there’s a more modern caravan for those over 6′ tall who want to sleep in comfort.

If you’re wondering where the bathroom is, the owners have helpfully provided a composting toilet in a nearby shed and a shower in a horsebox. Definitely an experience that’s a little out of the ordinary.

8. A Luxury Igloo in Austria

Ever wondered how eskimos can live in igloos? Now you can experience igloo-living for yourself with this unique accommodation carved out of snow and ice.

This igloo village offers a number of igloos for 4-6 people including an insulated mattress lined with animal skins and heavy-duty sleeping bags.

You probably won’t want to stay in your room for anything other than sleeping so indulge in dinner in the dining igloo or enjoy a drink from an ice shot glass in the igloo bar. There are also lots of outdoor activities like skiing and husky sled rides to partake in.

Luckily not everything is made of ice – the bathrooms are fully heated so you can escape the chill with a warm shower or a meal in the more conventional restaurant nextdoor when you start to tire of eskimo-style living.

7. A Giant Dog in Idaho, USA

Fitting into the category of “completely random and insane”, this bed and breakfast hotel in Idaho is shaped like a giant beagle.

The room inside is fairly conventional, but as you might expect, strongly dog themed with dog cushions and a little reading nook stocked with dog books. If you’d like to take home a momento of your stay, you can stop by the gift shop and buy a wooden dog sculpture, handmade by the owners.

6. A Tipi Tent in Yellowstone, USA

There’s camping and then there’s luxury camping (or glamping as it’s commonly known) and these tipi tents in Yellowstone definitely fall under the second category.

The tipis are suitable for up to 4 people and include camping cots, sleeping bags, pillows, towels and a lantern. There’s a restaurant and bathroom facilities closeby so you can enjoy all the convenience of a hotel while waking up to a view that can’t be beat. The national park entrance is just a few miles away.

If you’re still undecided about staying in a tent, consider the camp’s deluxe option – a safari tent including real king-size bed, private bathroom, wood burning stove and patio deck.

5. A Fairytale Boot in New Zealand


Ever want to live in a fairy tale? Now all your wishes can come true in this magical giant boot in Tasman, New Zealand.

This whimsical bed and breakfast accommodation is perfect as a romantic getaway for two guests and includes a cosy lounge (in the toe of the boot), an open fireplace, private outdoor patio, bathroom and bedroom with queen size bed at the top of a spiral staircase.

4. A Beer Barrel in Germany

The most impressive feature of this apartment in Ostbevern, Germany, is the antique sleeping barrel, made from a 19th century beer barrel that was in use until 1995.

The barrel sleeps up to two people and there are an additional two beds in the room, along with beer-themed furnishings, flat-screen tv and shower room.

Before retiring for the night, guests can head downstairs for a real beer in the bar, or enjoy the on-site barrel sauna.

3.  An Astronomical Hotel in Chile

Fancy a spot of stargazing? the ElquiDomos Astronomic Hotel in Chile offers accomodation in your own private geodesic viewing dome with detachable roof so you can lie in bed and watch the night sky to your heart’s content.

Activities include a guided astronomic tour with use of telescope and night time horse rides for a fun adventure under the stars. There’s also an on-site swimming pool and restaurant so you can enjoy your days here as much as your nights.

2. A Magical Bamboo Treehouse in Bali, Indonesia

The treehouse to top all treehouses – this stunning 6-storey structure on the banks of the Ayung river in Bali, Indonesia is made entirely from bamboo.

The house, named Sharma Springs, was designed by the architects behind the world-famous Green School and has been featured in New York magazine and on CBS TV Morning.

Sharma Springs is access via a giant bamboo tube on the third floor and includes dining room, kitchen, media room, kids playroom, 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, all sculpted from floor to ceiling bamboo. Outside there’s a swimming pool and barbecue area, with views over the Ayung river.

1.Your Own Private Island in Fiji

We’ve saved the best until last – no matter how unique or luxurious your accommodation is, it surely can’t compare to staying on your own private tropical island.

Nanuku island is a 10-acre island paradise in Fiji where all your white sand beach and coconut palm dreams can come true.

Accommodation consists of two traditional Fijian style buildings, just steps from the sea. This is not a luxury hotel – the wooden structures are basic, but who’s going to want to stay inside when you could be snorkeling in the perfectly clear waters instead?

Staying on this island must surely be an amazing experience and you can get this little slice of paradise from as little as $500 USD per night.