10 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress Right Now

There is no doubt that when you are stressed out, you are no longer in the position to make sound judgments. Your brain is too tired and making wise choices may not be something that could come out naturally anymore. Physically, you would feel a certain degree of exhaustion. It is possible that a part of you may still be willing to act but your body would no longer succumb to pressure. Certain drugs that are manufactured to assist with stress are currently on the market. While certain people could benefit from them, they are not necessarily the best choice for everyone. Sometimes, they could actually make your overall stress issue to become even more problematic. The drugs that you take may have side effects that are harmful to the body. This is the reason why you should get to know of more natural or simpler ways to reduce stress. Most of the techniques can be accomplished at home and could just prevent worse situations from occurring.

10. Listen to Some Calming Music

musicStress is often caused by a mind that is so busy with a lot of things that cause the mind overload. If this is the case, all that you have to do is to divert your mind’s attention. This could be done by listening to calming music. You may wonder what genre of music you should listen too. Actually, it depends on your taste of calming. If you feel that you would get relaxed when listening to heavy metal, then do so. Most people though would prefer to listen to soft rock or jazz music because these are more soothing.

9. Have a Conversation with a Friend

Another reason why a person might get stressed is because you do not have an outlet for your emotions. Moreover, they do not have someone that that they can discuss the problems they are currently conversationconfronting or a second/third point of view. This is the reason why it may be good for you to consider talking to a friend. Of course, a person would need to choose this person wisely because this person would need to be mature enough to understand the situation and also be a good listener. Moreover, it would be best if this person is also good at giving advice.

8. Talk to Yourself

If you do not have a friend available, it might come down to you talking to yourself. At first, this may seem a bit strange if not outright stupid. People would certainly find you weird if they catch you talking to yourself. They would think that you have gone out of your mind. However, when you are stressed out, this may actually be a good exercise. When you do this, you start to explore all the issues that you might have. Additionally, you might not be as reserved because there is no one that can “judge” you on your thoughts.

7. Eat the Right Food

Food plays an important role in your stress level. There are certain kinds of food that would actually worsen stress. On fruitthe other hand, there are also some foods that may reduce it. If you have heard about the term ‘comfort food’, this might make you think this would be your best choice but actually might do more harm than good.   A better choice is to get a balance diet with plenty of fresh vegetables which will put your mind and stress level in a much better place.

6. Watch a Funny Movie

laughterGetting a good laugh has long been proven as a very effective way to combat stress. This is because when you laugh certain body chemicals are produced that would reduce stress significantly. One of the easiest ways to produce a laugh when you are alone is to pop in a favorite funny movie. It could be the plot itself or the actor’s antics that do it but getting some laughter is the point. A chuckle here and another chuckle there could put you in a much better mood.

5. Sip some Tea

Tea has some unique qualities that greatly reduce stress. The stress “healing” actually can occur prior to even consuming it. The aroma of the tea alone could start the stress relief. Additionally, consuming it would also help with the warm sensation as it goes down to your belly. Additionally, some of the herbs and spices have a natural effect of stress relief on the body. These are the reasons you should have some tea but make sure you take the time to examine the spices and herbs that are part of the tea to make sure they support stress relief.

4. Take a Session of Yoga or Do Some Self Meditation

yogaMeditation is also a solid technique is reducing stress. Some people might find yoga silly and for “wimps”. Surprisingly, it is a very strenuous workout but also a very strong stress reliever. Additionally, if you do not have the ability to do yoga, you can also meditate by yourself. Meditation is a state of thoughtful awareness. It is the process of quieting all that is going on in the mind and enjoying the peace from this. There are different techniques and training that can assist you in becoming a master of meditation.

3. Work Out for a Few Minutes

If meditation is an exercise of the mind, a spiritual or mental escape, working out is workoutthe exercise of the body. When you work out, your body and mind start to work together and it shuts out all elements that are not associated with them. When you workout hard enough and perspire, you body will start to release certain body chemicals that could beneficial to your body and mind. These workouts, while possibly only a temporary stress relief, is a great skill to use in your overall stress reduction.

2.  Get Some Sleep

Sleep is probably the simplest way of reducing your stress level. If you feel that you are already very tired, you may already have reached the limits of your stress requiring a break of some sort. While a few hours would be most beneficial to your overall health and well-being, research has shown that a “cat-nap” of even 20 minutes can have huge benefits in your overall stress level.

1.  Breathing Exercises

Sometimes, beating stress could be as simple as doing some mediatationbreathing exercises. This is indeed surprising for those who do not really know that such exercises work. There is, however, a scientific explanation to this. When you breathe, you naturally inhale a good amount of oxygen. The increased amount of oxygen chemically interacts with the rest of your body to provide a decrease in the amount of stress in your body. Thankfully, this easy technique can be done anywhere without any additional effort on your part. So, if you feel stressed, the next thing that you should do is to stop and take some deep breaths.