For all of us who wonder why we simply can’t resist them, here are the 10 reasons why we are addicted to Top 10 lists.

10. A Click For Curiosity

Curious Owl


The list often starts with an eye-catching, attention-grabbing headline that makes it nearly impossible for you to move on without knowing what’s only one, easy click away.

If you’ve ever tried to skip an enticing ‘Top 10′ list, you probably didn’t get very far before heading back to see what you missed.

9. Human Nature: We Love Rankings

Love Rankings


It’s part of human nature to be obsessed with ratings, rankings and the order of everything around us.

It’s the same subconscious passion that causes sports’ fans to crave game results, students to strive for Ivy League admission and employees to climb their way up the corporate ladder.

It’s a competitive world and you want to know where you, and those around you, stand in it.

8. You Are In Control

Control Of The World


When you don’t agree with the ordering of the lists’ contents, you’re free to change it.. In fact, you have the power to add and/or delete any items that you choose to be different.

Tailoring the list makes it more relevant to your own unique perspective. Lists aren’t intended to be one-size-fits-all; make it your own!

7. Karma For Helping Others

Karma Shirt


Top 10 lists are so easy to share and might make a positive difference for someone else. There’s a good chance that somebody in your family, office or social circle can make good use of the advice, inspiration or food for thought generated by the list.

You’re bound to feel good for passing it on with helpful intentions. Positive actions bring positive results!

6. You Can Relate To Them

Yeah Me Too


You’re most attracted to lists that you can relate to. It can be reassuring, comforting or encouraging to know that you’re not alone in your thoughts or actions.

There’s a subliminal validation process that takes place when it’s confirmed that others sometimes think and do exactly the same as you.

You’re not the only one who thought the movie with lousy reviews was totally awesome. So there!

5. You’re Lazy

You're Lazy

Red Orbit

Why make up an original top 10 list when one already exists that will suit your purpose? Lists for the 10 most popular menu items, the top 10 diet plans and the 10 best music releases are yours for the taking. Just go ahead and copy it.

Look at all of the time and energy you’ll save by trusting another list maker’s research (or opinion). This actually works out amazingly well for a lot of people, especially when applied to checklists.

4. You’re A Hypochondriac



There’s no easier way to grab the most common symptoms for a medical condition and claim them as your own. If you’re a hard core hypochondriac, you automatically assume that you’re meant to find such lists; it’s like Divine intervention!

By discovering and diagnosing your own illness, you can save time and money (and maybe your life!) by avoiding proper professional consultations and testing. You can even look up the top 10 best DIY remedies to treat your new slew of symptoms.

(DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an endorsement for being your own physician.)

3. Opportunity To Voice Your Opinion

Two Men Debate


Top 10 lists provide great topics for starting conversations and creating new blog posts because they tend to provoke varied individual thoughts and opinions. It’s okay to disagree with the ‘expert’ author of any list.

In fact, it can be a lot of fun, as well as a great mental exercise, to challenge yourself to take an adverse stance and duel it out with words.

Swaying others to share your opinion on any topic is totally dependent on presenting the most logical, convincing argument. There’s no debating that! (But you can try.)

2. Lists Are Fun

Grocery Store Having Fun


Reading a ‘Top 10′ list provides a refreshing break in an ordinary ho-hum day. It’s a painless jolt of free entertainment that can leave you amused, smiling or even giggling out loud.

It’s a simple way to alleviate boredom, fatigue and stress. And, they’re highly contagious. Pass them on and lighten the day’s load for others, too. That makes ‘Top 10′ lists anything but useless information!

1. Long Lists Suck

You’re probably going to stop reading a long list before you get anywhere close to the end.

You’re also apt to forget what you already took the time to read because your mind will react to the interruption by filing the contents under ‘mental spam’ and attempt to delete it. That is, if you bother to read any of it at all.

Shorter lists are more to the point, easy on the eyes, respectful of your time and more apt to be remembered. Like this one!


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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