10 Mind Blowing Facts You Did Not Know About the Human Mind

Did you know that your mind is capable of thinking unlimited thoughts? Do you know what your mind is currently capable of? Believe it or not, you don’t give enough credit to your mind.


Just like a lot of people, so many of us tend to think of our minds as just a brain that processes different thoughts and comes up with ideas, but there is more to the mind than you might think.


Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the human mind and the capabilities you have with your brain.


10. Your Mind Is Powerful With Symbols


Human Face with Symbols in Brain
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Your unconscious mind actually stores every possible memory through a series of symbols and oftentimes images for visual remembrance.


You naturally cannot remember and store exactly text or paragraphs, and this is why so many people struggle to remember long paragraphs. You need to remember things using visual symbols. This is also why visual is much stronger than just plain text.


If you ever need to remember something, utilize a symbol to remember it, and your mind will process it differently in your mind as opposed to words and other text that’s tougher to remember.


9. The Mind Does Not Process Negative Thoughts


Say No
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Did you know that the unconscious mind does not hear that negation or negative thought? Anything you say or think about that is negative is processed the same way as if you were saying, “this is what I want.” In other words, if you were saying, “I don’t want that to happen”, your subconscious mind is naturally saying, “I want that to happen.”


You need to be aware of your thought process and not let negatives stay in your mind. Stay focused on what you want, and you’ll soon see all of them come to fruition. Anything negative is processed the same way as a positive thought, so you might as well use it to your advantage and be positive.


8. It Maintains Perception At A Young Age And Into Adulthood


Young mind
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The mind’s initial perception is oftentimes formed when a child is young. The age between 1-7 is when almost every thing that happens to you becomes a truth to your unconscious mind. You will then end up building upon those perceptions as you get older.


You will even attract more circumstances and experiences to match your perceptions, whatever they may be. The way you believe and see things now is based on what you felt when you were younger. The key today is to broaden your mind and not allow anything negative in your past to succumb you to continue being negative.


7. Your Mind Serves You But Just Needs Direction


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Your consciousness is naturally programmed to serve your mind and body. It responds to danger right away and creates a software in your mind to help you automate your daily decisions. It develops your behaviors as well. It’s the same with when you first began to ride a bike. It was tough at first, but through your practice and development, you got better because your mind was growing just as you were growing in development. The problem is we humans tend to not give it a clear enough direction.


Follow your bliss in life and give your mind a clear direction of what you want to do in life. Your unconscious mind won’t ever let you down.


6. Information Travels Fast


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Your mind actually has more than 60,000 thoughts in a single day. Information travels at speeds of around 260+ Miles per hour, which is faster than a race car racing in the Indy 500. This is how unique your brain and mind is.


You can think thoughts; good thoughts. With the right direction, you can be thinking positive thoughts that will lead you to making better choices and being a more positive person.


5. The 10% Rule Is Myth



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You are using more than 10% of your brain. The average person does not use all of the brain’s functions at one time, but it is possible to tap into other functions during other days when they are mainly needed. Don’t ever believe in the, “you’re only using 10% of your mind and brain.”


4. Your Mind And Brain Are Always Processing


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Your brains is capable of staying on your entire life. It never, not for a single second, turns off at any moment during your lifetime. Your brand is active during dreaming and throughout your day. It is said that you should think of good thoughts before sleeping because it can have an effect on the things your mind dwells on at night as you go to sleep.


This sort of creeps people out because they think they need to control their minds as they sleep, but you don’t have to. Isn’t it just really cool to know your mind is constantly thinking and developing even as you sleep?


3. The Mind Wants To Use As Little Knowledge And Resources As Possible




Your mind wants to use as little resources as possible to manage any inputs and run your bodies, along with doing anything else you do in your day. The smaller the effort on your mind, the more capacity is available in the mind for any serious and emergency processing needed.


2. All Five Senses Play A Part


Active brain
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All your five senses have power. They are all used to input data in your unconscious mind. Your sight, smell, touch, hear, and taste all have the ability to create a sense of memory when they are experienced.


Your five senses are extremely powerful to your unconscious mind, and they all play a part on how you process information and remember moments in the past based on your five senses. You can remember something simply based on what you felt or heard.


1. The Mind Always Wants To Learn


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Your mind can process a billion things, and it can learn new things and never feel like it cannot store more information. This is why you never stop learning and expanding. It’s the natural functioning of your unconscious mind to want to expand, learn, and grow. Your mind is capable of great things.


Your mind is growing everyday, but you need to set its course in the right direction. Your thoughts must be positive to attract positive circumstances, and you can develop yourself and your mind into anything you choose to. Now that you know 10 things you probably never knew about the brain, use these facts to your advantage and make a change in your life.



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