10 Fascinating Things Drones Can Do. #6 Is Controversial!

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When most people think of drones, military use automatically comes to mind.

Indeed, drones have been used for military purposes for years with great success.

And also with great controversy.

At first, drones were used as passive devices, for reconnaissance and spying missions behind enemy lines.

It was safer than risking the lives of soldiers, and the drones gathered all sorts of valuable info.

The controversy began when they started arming drones with weapons, and this marked a new kind of warfare.

Today, drones are being used for many purposes, not just warfare, and all of them are fascinating and creative.

Read below to see what drones are being used for – and to find out when and where a drone might be visiting you.

#10 – Wildlife Control.


Drones can be effective deterrents against geese and other nuisance waterfowl that congregate in places where people don’t want them.

Many other controversial ways of removing nuisance wildlife have some under fire, so some communities have turned to drones to discourage wild animals.

This is a viable alternative to hunting, trapping or killing the animals.

#9 – Helping Farmers.

Drones are perfect for surveying fields for crop damage and drought conditions.

Hovering Drone


Some farms are dozens of square miles, and sending a drone out for reconnaissance is much easier than walking the land, and may save energy and fuel used to drive around and assess the situation.

Infrared camera technology can even be put to use to detect the presence of crop diseases, alerting the farmer before a problem gets out of control.

#8 – Real Estate. For Real. Real estate professionals are jazzed by the fact that a new technology can put a new spin on selling homes.


Drones can do a flyover and film the property from all angles, and the agent can create a short movie to show prospective clients.

This can come in especially handy for large properties or very remote locations, to give a buyer a more clear picture of what the property contains.

Any edge in the competitive real estate industry is welcomed eagerly by these forward thinking professionals.

#7 – Sporting Events. We all know that football games take advantage of drone camera technology to capture shots that cameramen cannot get from the traditional sideline angles.


Now more and more sports are catching on to this unique opportunity to provide fans with the ultimate viewing experience for their flat screen, high definition TVs.

For instance, drone cameras are now being used for skateboarding and also snowboarding events, but the potential list could go on and on.

And what about changing the way games are played? Drones could give a new perspective on coaching and practicing as well.

#6 – Border Patrol – A bit controversial here, but drones are used to monitor areas of the border where people may be trying to cross illegally.



Border agents are spread thin and there is so much area to patrol, drones can assist them by providing real time feedback from difficult to navigate areas.

To some people this is akin to using drones for warfare, while others feel this is a great use of an unmanned craft.

Depends which side of the fence you’re on, I guess!

#5 – Help the environment.

Scientists use all sorts of drones to monitor things like active volcanoes, areas of the ocean that are too vast to inspect, and harsh climates and difficult areas and terrain.

Aeryon Scout en.wikipedia.org


They can also check for illegal dumping and other crimes against the environment.

Drones can even be outfitted with specially designed equipment that can sample air quality and inspect the ozone layer.

This could be very useful in the war against global warming.

#4 – Deliver Pizza. Okay, this is a little farfetched, but you get the idea.

Domino’s Pizza recently had an advertisement for pizza delivery using drones.

While it seems a little out there, certainly the potential exists in areas of the world that aren’t so densely populated.

I can only imagine the price of a drone-delivered pepperoni pie!

#4 – Any other kind of delivery. That’s right, world famous Amazon.com is toying with the idea as well, and you know if these guys are involved, the concept must be pretty viable.

Amazon is one of the best companies in the world, and one of the reasons is their customer service.

If they see a way to improve things, they don’t hesitate to jump on it.

They swear it will happen, but some folks have their doubts.

But guess what? Other big companies are jumping on board, fearful of being left behind in the crop dust.

#3 – Search and Rescue Operations. Drones are perfect for sending in when someone is lost in a remote location.

parrot ar drone


These drones can send back video images and also pinpoint the exact location of lost hikers and backpackers.

This information would save rescuers valuable time and allow them to help save lives.

#2 – Medicine drops. In some areas of the world, people are living in such remote locations it takes a huge amount of time to get any necessary supplies out to them.

Most of the time the route is either by water or by land, often blazing a very dangerous trail.

Drones could be used to drop in medicine and supplies that would otherwise take days to reach the needy.

This could literally save lives.

#1 – Monitor Highways. There are millions of miles of roadways in the United States, and millions more cars are jamming them every day.

Most major cities put a traffic copter in the air to monitor rush hour situations, but what if drones could be used for the same purpose?

Copter Drone


It would cost a fraction of what it does now, and be just as useful.

Drones could also monitor the conditions of roads and bridges in more remote locations as well, and drivers could be alerted to take alternate routes if road conditions are bad.

There you have it, 10 surprising uses of drones that you may have never thought of.

While some may seem far off, some are here right now.

Regulations still need to be written and rules need to be made, but the use of drones could spawn a whole new technology industry that would create jobs and be a boon to the economy.

Keep an eye on the sky!