The 10 Most Effective Pick-Up Lines. I Just Got Laid Thanks to the Last One!

If you’re a single man looking for your perfect match, you know how hard it can get to approach women you don’t already know. You’re out for a drink and spot this beautiful girl who seems not to have such a great time. You know that you could liven up her day… if only you had a way to break the ice.

Pick-up lines were invented to do just that. To get the conversation rolling and get you to better know that person. With that being said, in the world of pick-up lines, all lines were not created equal. Some of them will guarantee a slap to your face while others will have the girl laugh at you in total disbelief.

A good pick-up line must sound natural and sincere. Here is our list of the 10 most effective lines that will make sure you get her ear:

“Hey, I’m… What’s your name?”

While this line may never win any award for its originality, it scores major points by its simplicity and boldness. It shows that woman that you’re not afraid of approaching her and that you’re not looking for excuses to either. Moreover, as you’ve just stated your name, the rules of politeness should force her to answer back with hers. From that point on, just keep on smiling, be funny, and you might soon have a date underway.

“If you want to continue checking me out, you need to buy me a drink!”

This comment will take them completely off guard and they will often need a couple of seconds to react. Use that time to make a huge smile and have a seat next to them. 9 times out of 10, they will laugh and you will have yourself an opportunity. Obviously, you should only use that line if you’ve actually spotted a girl looking at you. Otherwise, you might end up with a black eye or another horror story to you’re your friends about!

“Hey, want to see something really cool?”

That line never ceases to amaze me. It capitalizes on women’s huge flaw: their extreme curiosity. Asking them if they want to see something cook will spark their interest and most of them will answer with a “yes, what?”

Make sure that when they do, you truly have something funny, exciting or interesting to show them. It could be a nice trick, a photo you’re carrying in your pocket or you could go crazy by doing the splits or a back flip (if you can.)

“I can tell you’re bored. What if I told you I can read your future?”

Reading the palm of a hand is a great skill to learn which only takes about an hour or so but that can reap huge dividends. Women go crazy for that kind of stuff. If you tell them you can read their lines, they will come back for more, guaranteed. It will also help you to connect as you touch her hand to make the reading.

Say Nothing

Sometimes, the best sentence to utter is not to even say a word. The power of eye contact is so strong that if you lock your gaze on her and just walk towards her, when you will get at her seat – more often than not –, she’ll be the one starting the conversation (if with a simple “yes?”)

This will add a charming and mysterious aura to your game. Girls love mystery.

“I can’t believe it! We have the same…”

Here, you will choose something about her that’s totally girly and point to it saying that you have exactly the same. In order for you to pull it off, she will have to understand that you’re joking. So exaggerate as best as you can, maybe act a little gay if it helps (anyway, women just love gay men… they all secretly wish they could convince a super-hot gay guy to change sides.)

“I’m sorry but I just had to come and thank you…”

By saying this sentence, you will invariably hear them ask back “why?” Then, just tell them thank you because they have enlightened your day with their beauty. It might seem corny when you think about it… but, in reality, girls will feel extremely flattered. Some might even blush at your comment.

“It sure is … in here!”

Pick up something from your immediate environment and comment on it. Whether it is extremely hot, noisy or anything else where you are at that moment, serving that line will work for two reasons. One, this line is non-threatening, so women will not have a reflex to reject you on the spot. Two, by acknowledging the situation, you will often get them to agree and open up.

“Dayyum, if you was any hotter, we’d have to protect the sun FROM you!”

If you’re up for a pick-up line that looks, sounds and smells like a pick-up line, you might as well go pedal to the floor and aim for the biggest, most outrageous line you could think of. In this case, the bigger, the better. You will either get them to laugh… or if they’re too stuck up to understand the humor, they were not going to be fun to be around anyway. So no big loss!

“Wow, what a nice…”

Before you make your approach and deliver this killer line, take a few seconds to analyze what she’s wearing. You will choose one article of jewelry or piece of clothing she’s wearing, and compliment her on that item.

Women spend so much time thinking about (stressing over?) what they’re going to wear (between the hundred pair of shoes, the thousands of accessories, and so on that they own), that when someone notices their good taste, they will smile and thank you in return. That’s your chance. Capitalize on this opening and show her you’re A-game. That’s what I did last week… and the girl ended up in my bed!