10 Drugs You Don’t Know and You Don’t Want To Try

Everyone knows that drugs can do some pretty scary things. Their effects can also be blown out of proportion and just a few tokes can send you spiraling into addiction and whatnot. You have probably never heard of the drugs listed below and they are worse than any other you have ever been warned about.

10. The Devil’s Breath


This drug, which is also called scopolamine, is derived from a tree common to South America and is currently dealt on the streets of Colombia. The Devil’s Breath is its colloquial name.

It’s known to have hazardous effects such as eliminating free will and wiping memory.

There are some pretty horrifying stories of people getting raped, being coerced into giving up an organ or forced to empty the bank account.

What’s more frightening, is how easy it is to administer it. Scopolamine can be just blown in the face of a passer-by and within minutes he’ll be under effect.

9. Benzo Fury


Benzo Fury is a synthetic stimulant, which is legal and actually freely sold on the internet as a “research drug”.

The manufacturers don’t tell how to use it and unfortunately this drug has been linked to multiple deaths. They are not tested and created in private labs.

The effects it causes include hallucinations, love towards others and a feeling of happiness. It can also cause paranoia, high blood pressure and loss of appetite.

So it’s very similar to ecstasy and just as dangerous.

8. I-Dosing


Unlike the rest of the mentioned drugs, this one has no physical component. You get high by just listening to an MP3.

The idea behind it is that audio signals can stimulate different parts of the brain.

The manufacturers even claim that it can stimulate the effect of shooting up heroin. However, that’s quite absurd. It can cause general confusion and ringing in the ears.

7. Krokodil


Doing drugs, especially this one, can seriously harm the body. This drug is used in Russia by addicts who can’t afford heroin.

So they found an easier but a more horrifying way to get a fix with over the counter painkillers and easily obtainable chemicals.

Krokodil can really screw you up like meth and addicts usually survive just two to three years. The name it earned due to the effect it has on the skin, as it can dry it out to look like lizard skin.

6. Synthetic Marijuana


In the 1950-70s the US military had a little side project where they were testing the effects of various drugs and chemical agents. One of them was dimethylheptylpyran, which is a super potent version of standard marijuana.

To get all the classic effects it requires just 0.0002 g. A dose of 1 mg can leave the person under effect for up to 3 days.

5. Bromo Dragonfly


This psychedelic drug is considered an extremely potent hallucinogen. It’s similar to LSD but has an extremely long duration, which can last for up to several days.

They are extremely potent, so even a minor overdose can be disastrous.

Its consumption can cause hallucinations, confusion, seizures, heart problems and even death. And since the drug effect can last for 2 to 3 days, so will the side effects.

4. Jenkem


The hallucinogenic inhalant Jenkem is created from fermented human waste.

It used to be popular among Zambian street children, which stored the fermented human sewage in plastic bottles for a week or so, until it gives off intoxicating fumes.

The Jenkem effects last for around an hour and include visual and auditory hallucinations.

3. Nutmeg


Nutmeg has a pretty wholesome reputation. But it is in fact hallucinogenic as well. You probably have it in your kitchen but have no idea that it’s one hell of a crazy drug.

High doses can cause hallucinations and many people have chosen this kitchen spice as a legal alternative to the more famous hallucinogens.

However, the effects can be pretty harsh. It can cause psychotic detachment, anxiety, rapid heart rate, palpitations, nausea and urinary retention.

2. Cough Syrup


When a person is sick, one of the most common legal meds used is cough syrup. But did you know that it can get you messed up and alter your mind?

Misuse or abuse of cough syrup is technically illegal, but it’s unlikely that this over-the-counter item can land a person in jail. One of its active ingredients is DXM or dextromethorphan, which acts as a dissociative hallucinogen.

Side effects include agitation, psychotic reactions, loss of muscle control, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure.

1. Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca is a herbal concoction that originated in South America. It is prepared from a vine, which is brewed into tea.

The tea has leaves from shrubs that contain the psychedelic compound DMT.

The users claim that it’s a life-changing trip, it makes you question your entire sense of identity and gives an experience like no other.

On another note, it also makes you vomit like crazy and can cause an explosive diarrhea.  A somewhat alternative is a drug called ibogaine which is just as powerful however its used primarily for addiction treatment–see here for a massive list of ibogaine treatment centers around the world.

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