The 10 Most Amazing Facts About Cannabis Plant, #3 Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Cannabis as a plant is a mystery to most of the people as there are so many different views surrounding it.

Many people consider as bad and site harmful effects of the plant, it is legal in very few countries but slowly it is finding support in various countries especially US after Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana.

Through this article, we are trying to highlight some not so common truths about Cannabis to help you get an insight into the amazing world of Cannabis plant.

10.  Medicinal Benefits

THC which is the main active ingredient in the plant, is known for reducing the growth of brain, lung, breast, prostrate, thyroid cancer cells.

Research has shown that THC will kill all the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells.

Apart from this American Journal of Medicine has posted a study that people who smoke weed have lower insulin levels after fasting and more good cholesterol levels.

Also this study has suggested that cannabis may help in growth of stem cells and repair of brain cells.

It is also helpful for Glaucoma disease which is related to increase in eye pressure, damage of optic nerve and loss of vision.

The plant is available as lotions, oils, ointments and is useful for providing pain and relief from inflammation.

9. Consumption Numbers

42% of the American population has tried Cannabis in one form or another atleast once.

Everyday approx 6000 Americans try marijuana for first time in their life.

8. Suicide Rates and Crime Rates are lower where Marijuana is legally available


A Denver state study has revealed that total reduction in suicide rates after marijuana is legalized is close to 5%.

For males in age range 20-29 there is a 11% reduction while for 30-39 there is a 9% reduction.

In terms of reduction in traffic fatalities, on an average deaths dropped 8 to 11 percent in the fist year after cannabis was legalized as per this study.

This is majorly contributed to that fact that most population shifted from alcohol to weed, and thus fatalities due to alcohol related accidents went down.

7. If Cannabis is legalized, it would generate $8.7 Billion in State and Federal Taxes Per Year

Marijuana Money

Recent data suggest close to $3.8 Million worth of recreational cannabis was sold in Washington state in July 2014 which has resulted in $1 million plus in taxes for state government.

Colorado state government has earned more than $29 million plus in sales for fist six months in 2014.

More than 27 states have either decriminalized possession, legalized for medicinal purposes, legalized possession and allowed retail sales.

6. Drug Arrest Made Every Year


In US each year more than 800,000+ people are arrested for consumption, possession, selling of cannabis and its variants.

Approximately 52% of all drug cases arrests are marijuana cases.

Out of 800K+ arrests, close to 88% were for simple possession.

5. George Washington grew Hemp!!!


George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their farms.

At that time there was a 1619 law which required farmers to grow hemp. Hemp was mainly used for clothes, ropes, sails.

Even the Declaration of Independence was drafted on a Hemp Paper. Hemp paper is supposed to last over hundred years without any downgrades and has lower wear and tear as compared to normal paper.

4. Growing Marijuana plant is actually good for environment


Hemp plant is actually carbon negative and it is already used in a building material made up of hemp, lime and water.

The material called Hemcrete produces zero emission or carbon negative in nature and so are the buildings that are produced from it.

It can also be used in roof insulation, flooring etc. It is also water proof, fire proof and completely recyclable.

Hemp Oil can also be used as a fuel to power the car.

3. No one has died from overdose by smoking cannabis and there are no major studies which show risk of lung cancer by smoking the plant


As per Richard Gable of American Scientist to die from overdose would mean you have to consume at least 1000 to 10000 times over the dose that makes you high.

Till now there is no published case of death caused from smoked marijuana overdose.

In comparison to that overdose limits on alcohol varies between 1:5 to 1:10 and there are more than 10,000 deaths caused due to alcohol overdose. And Cigarettes cause more than 400,000 plus deaths per year in America.

There might be cases where marijuana smoking is a related cause of death like by car accident fatality after consuming weed.

2. Four US Citizens get Government Approved High Grade Marijuana shipped every month


A Federal Medical Marijuana program began in 1976 when a federal judge ruled in favor of Robert Randall who was suffering from Glaucoma.

Till now close to $500,000 worth of high grade marijuana has been sent to 4 of the patients who were included in the program(at one point there were 14).

This marijuana is grown in University of Mississippi under government approved research since 1968.

It is worth noting that before 1942 cannabis was recognized for its medicinal properties by the US government.

1. More than 100 strains of Cannabis 


All strains of cannabis can be categorized into Sativas and Indicas.

Sativas are useful for day smoking as the high it provides is more energetic, social, ready for fun. So they are given to patients suffering from depression, fatigue.

Indicas are mainly for night smoking as the high makes you relaxed, laid back, helps in pain relief. Useful to patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety related issues.

The plant has been there on earth for millions of years, some cultures refer to it as ‘God’s Plant’.

Now whether it should be legalized or it should be prohibited that is topic for another day but Love it or Hate it, it is here to stay with us for a long long time.